We Provide Interior Designing Solutions, In Which We specialize in Aluminium Architectural Designing & Fabrication, and Trade Construction Industry Related Materials & Equipment.


With our years of experience on aluminium fabrication, we offer a broad range of residential and commercial interior designing solutions.


We import products directly for trading purposes and on special occurrences as per client requests, we act as a coordinator between the parties.


We engage in trading our imported and locally sourced goods, which mainly consist of construction industry related products and materials.

Guaranteed Quality & Durability of a Lifetime

We trade crucial products and materials required in the construction industry; hence, we have a strict policy on quality assurance so almost all of our trading goods have either or both ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and SLS (Sri Lanka Standards) certification.

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We Offer a Quality Service for an Affordable Price

We employ highly qualified staff of quantity surveyors, technical officers and supervisors for maximum efficiency. Furthermore, we possess an experienced labourer force equipped with the latest technology, thus enabling a swift project completion with zero margin for errors and wastage.

Aluminium architectural designing solutions including fabrication and installation of aluminium doors and windows (folding, sliding, casement), designing and installation of shower cubicles, skylights, drywall partitions, curtain walls and aluminium wall cladding including full scope of glass installation such as tempered glass facades, doors & partitions.

We offer a wide range of flooring solutions, especially, timber flooring, vinyl flooring and various carpeting solutions specially designed for your home or office. The raw – material we use are extremely durable and resistant to weather, as such, in timber flooring solutions the life span is more than a century.

We design, fabricate and install aluminium pantry cupboards for the most reasonable rates in the market. This includes a wide range of modern aluminium pantry cupboard (kitchen cabinet) solutions specially designed for their durability and low maintenance cost. We have the full range of pantry cupboard accessory series, including dish racks, cooker hobs & sinks. All of our designs come with an extended warranty.

Our ceiling solutions are custom tailored to customer needs and specially designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and rodent threats. Also, we possess the most popular low cost “Grid ceiling & Suspended ceiling systems” and, a wide range of panel solutions (ceiling tiles) including gypsum, vinyl, fiber – cement. We offer innovative aluminium ceiling solutions for conventional and non-conventional instances.

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